About Pre-Employment Drug Testing

The job market has recovered from its recent lows during the recession but it can still be difficult to find gainful employment. If you are Drug-Free-Workplace-Notice-Signaiming for your dream job, then that could be even harder. You will need to pass the eye of the needle, going through multiple screenings and interviews before you can get an offer. Even if you do manage to impress your would-be employer, you would still have to submit various documents and pass a few tests to secure the position. These may include alcohol and drug testing at a private clinic of their choosing.

The Need for Drug Tests

It is understandable why businesses would want to subject their applicants to this kind of examination. When you are hiring someone for a job, you want to make sure that this person is capable, focused, and reliable. You wouldn’t want to take unnecessary risks if you can avoid them. In certain jobs, this can be a matter of life or death. Operators of heavy machinery, for instance, need to be 100% every single day since mistakes can trigger accidents or massively reduce the productivity of the whole operation. In other words, employers are only trying to look out for their interests.

The Exceptions to the Rule

This type of testing may fall under the supervision of the law if the state has legislations about it. Some places leave it all up to the employers to do what they feel is needed to screen their applicants. It will often depend as well on the nature of the work. Drivers provide a vital service to the public and need to be drug-free if they are to do the job safely. Defense units will also want to recruit people who are not dependent on any banned substance. If it is part of the application process, then proper notification must be provided either in the job posting or in the initial meeting.

Typical Protocol

The drug testing protocol will vary from case to case. However, urine testing is the most commonly used because of its ease of execution and speed of results. Blood testing can be used as well but this is more complicated given the need for a trained health professional to draw samples. When getting urine, subjects can simply pee into a small cup. This is usually done within the testing facility to prevent sample swaps and other evasion tactics. Many of the clinics will require one of their staff to accompany the subject to the toilet in order to verify that the samples are authentic.

Avoiding Drugs

Since this is a serious matter, those who are thinking about applying for a job must do everything they can to ensure that their samples are clean. The most straightforward way to do this is obviously to avoid illegal drugs. It is that simple. Those who have never taken any before should not worry but those who are only stopping now need to be aware that traces do not go away immediately. It can take weeks or months for the chemicals to get eliminated from the body. Therefore, you should prepare in advance if you are thinking of getting a job or transferring to another company. Stop usage as early as you can.


If you are pressed for time due to unforeseen events, then you may try to speed up the process of elimination by undergoing detoxification. This is a process wherein you will help your body get rid of the toxins in a similar fashion to how some health-conscious individuals try to stay in good shape. It involves drinking a lot of liquids which is mostly water but can include other drinks as well, usually from natural sources. This forces them to pee a lot which flushes out the toxins. People would also eat a massive amount of fiber every day to induce bowel movement.

Final Words

Drug testing is seen as a vital part of screening during job applications. In some places and industries, this form of examination is a must. In others, it is an optional procedure that is seen as a risk-mitigating measure. Applicants are advised to stay clean to ensure that they can pass this hurdle and not damage their prospects. If there is uncertainty regarding their status, then they may consider detoxification to cleanse their body using natural means or products like toxin rid 10-day detox. Read the full review to learn more.

Getting Rid Of Toxins Ahead Of An Important Drug Test

Cleaning your body of toxins ahead of an important drug test can be incredibly stressful. This is especially true for recreational or habitualPicMonkey-Collage2 marijuana users. This is one drug that likes to stay around and thus, if you don’t have the right detox support, it could take up to one full month to cleanse your body of all THC residues. In fact, in some instances, it may even take a bit longer. Fortunately, there are plenty of products on the market to help you out. There are also a number of proven strategies that you can use to expedite these efforts on your own.

Marijuana Is A Fat Soluble Drug

The first thing that you want to do is to find a good support product for your cleanse that’s designed to eliminate the specific drug that you’ve been using. Most illicit drugs are metabolized fairly quickly by the body and then routed out via the pores, urine, and other avenues. The best support products for drugs like these are designed to clean and support the filter organs such as the kidneys and the liver. You can also eat a number of water-dense foods while making sure to drink plenty of cranberry juice and water.

With marijuana, you also want a cleanse product that literally overloads your body with fiber. The goal of these efforts is to help your body burn a lot of fat and to cleanse the digestive tract. That’s because marijuana is fat soluble and thus, rather than being quickly passed out via the urine, it’s hidden in your fat cells. You want to burn these cells off via proper diet, dramatic increases in your fiber consumption, and routine exercise. You can visit http://www.healthtransformation.net/drug-testing/testclear-toxin-rid-10-day-detox-program/ to find out more about products that are designed to expedite this process.

Other Testing Methods

One of the most important things to be mindful of when taking a drug test is that not all testing methods will require you to submit a urine sample. In fact, some will actually bypass your urine entirely to test your hair. That’s because THC can be found on the hair strands for quite some time after actual marijuana use. If you know that this type of testing will be performed or if you even think that there’s a remote possibility that it will be, go ahead and invest in a product that will strip your hair strands of this toxin. You can find these types of support products by going to sites like http://www.healthtransformation.net/drug-testing/how-long-does-the-thc-from-smoking-weed-stay-in-your-hair/.

Making Sure That Support Products Work For You

It’s not enough to simply find the right support products for your needs. You also have to make sure to use these formulas according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This is especially true when it comes to giving shampoos or internal, detoxifying agents ample time to work. You cannot expect to get good results by using either of these things for a single night. It’s generally recommended that consumers put a stop to all recreational drug use as soon as they know that they have drug tests in their futures. With high-fiber supplements that are used orally, you’ll usually need 10 to 14 days on a regular dosing schedule. In some instances, however, it may be possible to cleanse your body of THC and other marijuana-related toxins if you use an expedited, six to 10-day dosing schedule. This is only true, however, if the manufacturer has included recommendations for expedited dosing. You should not try to ramp up the dosage for any support product on your own.

Adopting The Right Life Habits

When it comes to passing a drug test, implementing the right life habits for success can be tricky. In many instances, too much of even a good thing can have disastrous results. For instance, while drinking a lot of cranberry juice and water can have a positive impact with certain drugs, excessive amounts of any purifying liquids can result in a non-valid test. When the urine is too diluted, lab testing professionals know that their patients have taken steps to mitigate the likelihood of positive test results. Moreover, even though working out aggressively can help people burn off fat cells that contain THC, you want to taper your workout schedule several days in advance of your actual test. This will ensure that there are no traces of THC in your urine when your sample is produced, due to more fat cells having been recently broken down.